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Preservation and Access Services Center for Colorado Academic Libraries

About Us


PASCAL, the Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries, is the state-of-the-art high density library storage facility located on the new Anschutz Medical Campus. Operating since March of 2001, The Health Sciences Library shares PASCAL with three other academic libraries: Norlin Library and the Wise Law Library of CU Boulder and Auraria Library.  Health Sciences staff member, Michael Kelty, is the on-site manager of PASCAL.

Based on a design pioneered at Harvard University, PASCAL can hold 3 million volumes in under 20,000 square feet of space with the possibility of adding four more modules of equal size in coming decades. The building is climate controlled with year round temperatures averaging 55 degrees and 35% relative humidity. The sculpture in front of PASCAL is an original creation by Colorado Springs artist, Bill Burgess. Inspired by the "educational role played by our libraries, " Burgess titled his work, "Aspire."

Currently, volumes eligible for storage are older research materials that have value but are in low demand. All volumes are sorted and stored by size in cardboard trays on 30-foot high shelves identified by bar-codes. Individual library catalogs indicate if a particular book has been moved to PASCAL allowing patrons to make requests via their own library. PASCAL personnel make every effort to deliver items to requesting libraries within 48 hours.

13188 E 19th Ave

P. O. Box 6508

Campus Box F494

Aurora, CO 80045