PASCAL Location




PASCAL is located just east of historic Building 500 on the Anschutz Medical Campus (formerly Fitzsimons Army Medical Center) in Aurora, Colorado.  Individual researchers wishing to use the Reading Room at PASCAL may make an appointment by calling the PASCAL manager at 303-724 -1114 or 303 -724 -1112.

The PASCAL street address:

13188 E 19th Ave

Aurora, Colorado 80010


The PASCAL mailing address:

P. O. Box 6508
Campus Box F494
Aurora, CO 80045



Here is the area around the Anschutz Medical Campus:

 You may view a PDF (Adobe) version of the Anschutz Medical Campus Parking Map here.

DIRECTIONS TO PASCAL (last updated 10/31/08)

On the Anschutz Medical Campus Parking Map, enter the campus from the southeast (bottom right), proceed north on Fitzsimons Parkway and turn left at 17th Place.   Proceed west for three blocks to Victor Street where you will see PASCAL on the west side of the Julesburg parking lot. 

There are more maps of Anschutz Medical Campus.

Directions to Anschutz Medical Campus:

The campus is located in the east central part of the metro Denver area near (southwest of) the intersection of I-70 (east-west) and I-225 (a beltway running north-south at this point).  The main entrance is north on Ursula Street from Colfax Ave. (which runs east-west).  Ursula is between Peoria and I-225.

From downtown
1. Take Colfax east for about 10 miles.
2. Turn left on Ursula Street, just past Peoria and just before I-225.

From the airport
1. Take Pena Blvd south until it runs into I-70; head west.
2. Almost immediately there is a fork (left) to take I-225 south.
3. Take I-225 south about 1 mile to the first exit, Colfax.
4. Go right (west) about 2 blocks to Ursula Street.
5. Turn right (north) onto the campus.

From the 9th Ave campus
1. Go north on Colorado Blvd about .5 mile to Colfax.
2. Turn right (east) and travel about 5 miles to Ursula Street, just past Peoria and just before I-225.
3. Turn left (north) at Ursula and onto the campus.

From the North
1. Take I-25 south to I-70 east to I-225 south and follow the instructions from the airport (above).

1. Alternatively, go south on I-25 until the Colfax exit.
2. Turn east (left) onto Colfax and follow the directions from downtown (above).

From the South
1. The directions are the same as from the north (above), except you are headed north on I-25.

1. Alternatively, take I-25 north to I-225 north to the Colfax exit, turn left (west) and follow the instructions from the airport (above).


See the Anschutz Medical Campus parking map and directions above.  Visitors to PASCAL can park in the conveniently located Julesburg or Georgetown lots.

For parking details visit Parking and Transportation.

Road Conditions

There will be continuous construction on campus for the next 10-20 years, so anticipate some road closures and large trucks.  Also, the campus police mean business - mind your speed.

Alternative transportation

A number of Regional Transportation District (RTD, 303-299-6000) buses serve the campus from approximately 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. From downtown you can take #15 or #20 buses.  They stop in front of the main hospital building, on the east edge of the west parking lot.  Schedules are available at the Parking and Transportation office, on the 9th Ave. campus.

If you need to call a cab, the numbers are:

Yellow Cab   303-777-7777
Zone Cab Company   303-444-8888
Metro Taxi, Inc.   303-333-3333


  *The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center will relocate to the Anschutz Medical Campus site in Aurora over the next 10-12 years.